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Online auctions - Antiques - Collectibles - Jewelry - Decorative Arts - Home Decor - Furnishings - Estate Sales - Private Sales
1. A buyers premium of 19% will be added to the "hammer price" of each lot for live bidders,  19% for live online bidding

2. Successful  bidders should make full payment and pick items(s) within three days following the auction unless  shipping arrangements
have been made.   Lots not claimed by 6:00 pm the third following the auction will have a 5% handling surcharge added to the buyer's
premium as described in item one above.  At the discretion of Sunset Auction, Items unclaimed may  be resold at a future auction at the full
commission.  Bidders may realize a gain or loss on sale.  Lack of payment may also result in the removal of bidding privileges and removal
of access to on line bidding pages.

3. All items are sold "AS IS WHERE IS".....
.ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Bidders are responsible for previewing merchandise before
bidding.  Contact a Sunset Auction professional to inquire  about physical condition of merchandise. (425-776-6716 or 1-866-776-8700)

4.The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any unreasonable bid and has the option to sell or not to sell on one  bid only as auctions are
defined as sale by competitive bidding.

5.  Auctioneer reserves the right to re-open the bidding if she/he determines that a bid(by whatever means offered) was in place as the
"hammer was falling or after it has fallen"

6. Auctioneer reserves the right to: consolidate or split lots, without notice, to withdraw lots prior to sale of said lot(s).

7. All descriptions and counts are believed to be correct.  However, Sunset Auction will not be responsible for  errors  
in nomenclature or count.  
Bidders are responsible for previewing items before purchase.

8. Sales tax must be paid on all taxable items.  Dealers who purchase for resale must file their resale permit numbers.  The Buyer's premium
is taxable.

9. We accept cash, check, Master card, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express, PAYPAL and wire transfer .

10. Announcements made at the live auction take precedence over any previously printed information

11. In the event of tied absentee bids, the bid received first takes precedence. Sunset auction will not be responsible for missed absentee
bid or Internet delays
Prices Realized
"Auctions provide buyers and sellers a venue to exchange anything from single rare items, to
collections" ... at an educational and competitive event.  Auctions are open to the public
  • Antiques & Collectibles auctions: these events are held periodically and feature the finest items including fine art, jewelry, antiques,
  • Online smalls auction:  These events are conducted online on our proprietary bidding platform.  We use the events to provide a market for
    small single items that are often overlooked in the auction market place.
  • Weekly General Auctions: these events are conducted every week and offer some household items as well as collectibles, designer
    furnishings, tools, jewelry and thousands of other items.  These events are very profitable for resellers.  Occasionally include boxed Lots full of
    items. There are frequent hidden treasures - Some great bargains are to be had at these events
  • Timed Auctions periodic auctions conducted and closed by the computer at a per-determined time
  • Estate Sales
"Some people attend auction just to observe....usually though, some items are such a good deal observers can't resist bidding"

  • HOW DO I PLACE BIDS?  There are currently 3 ways to place bids. 1st,  absentee bidding, 2nd live online bidding, 3rd telephone

  • HOW DOES AN ABSENTEE BID WORK?  You may place absentee bids on any auction lot up until the time the item is on the
    auction block.  This may be done in writing, on the phone. Absentees may be placed online on our website up until the time the auction
    start.  The auctioneer will bid for you on the items up to but not exceed the amount of your  bid.  Bids amounts are confidential.

  • WHAT IS A TELEPHONE BID?  On selected items the auction gallery will call you when the item is about to be sold.  A staff member
    will relay your bids to the auctioneer in competition with other bidders.  This method is available on selected items only.

  • WHAT MIGHT  ITEM SELL FOR? Some of the most expensive items in the world are typically sold at auction. Rare and unusual
    items generate top dollar through the auction process of competitive bidding.  More common items have a wide variety of results
    depending on the desirability of the object, and auction attendance. Buyers usually pay far less for most items than retail value.

  • WHAT IS AN AUCTION ESTIMATE? An estimated range of what an item might sell for based on experience and past auction
    results. Estimates are not a guarantee and should not be confused with an appraisal.  They are only intended as a guide, and actual
    results can vary widely form the estimated selling range.

  • MAY I SEE SOME AUCTION HAMMER PRICES?  Yes click here to view past auction on invaluable online bidding platform

  • WHAT IS A RESERVE?A reserve is the minimum price the consignor is willing to allow the property to sell for. Reserves will be
    allowed on selected items only. The reserve price is set by mutual agreement between the consignor and Sunset Auction. Typically,
    reserve prices shouldn't exceed the low auction estimate of the item.

  • WHAT IS AN AUCTION LOT? A lot is an item or group of items being put on the auction block for sale as one unit. A lot may consist
    of one item, a collection, a pair or an entire box or pallet full of items.

  • WHAT IS A BUYER'S PREMIUM? A buyer's premium is a charge added to the hammer price of the lot paid buy the seller.  This
    amount is currently 19% for floor bidders and 20% for online bidders.  Typically in the industry buyers premiums range from 10% to
    25% charged by major auction houses.

  • WHAT IS A CONTESTED BID? On occasion, the auctioneer may not see a bid despite the bidders best efforts to place the bid, and
    sell the item.  Despite common thought, once the auctioneer says sold, the bidding can be reopened at the discretion of the auctioneer
    to determine the highest bidder. This is supported by state law.  Our best recommendation is to use your bidder card and make sure
    the auctioneer acknowledges your bid.

  • WHAT IS CHOICE OR "TIMES THE MONEY"?  Some auction houses sell via a method called choice.  Often lotted as "1st choice,
    2nd choice, then take the rest.  Bidder may take as many items from the group and will pay the winning bid amount times the number of
    items selected.  On the take the rest portion of the group, all the remaining items not sold on 1st & 2nd choice will be sold for one price
    for all.  This method is only used during live events - live events are currently suspended till further notice
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Serving buyers & sellers since January 2000