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Live & online auctions - Antiques - Collectibles - Jewelry - Decorative Arts - Home Decor - Furnishings - Estate Sales - Private Sales
  • Antiques & Collectibles auctions: these events are held periodically and feature your finest items including fine art, jewelry, antiques,
    collectibles.  Items are offered world wide on invalulable bidding platform
  • Weekly General Auctions: these events are conducted every week and offer some higher end household items as well as collectibles,
    designer furnishings, tools, jewelry and thousands of other items.
  • Tuesday online smalls auction:  These events are conducted online on our proprietary bidding platform.  We use the events to provide
    a market for your tiny items that are often overlooked in the auction market place.  The average size of items in this sale is 4" and might
    include jewelry, little old toys, a vase, a pocket knife, sterling jewelry,.......
  • Estate Sales:   This event is conducted at your property as a tag sale.  The Contents of your household are priced and advertised. Then
    a sale will be conducted, typically over a weekend.  This method generates 2-3 times more money for you because entire household
    contents offered to the public  This provides a chance to sell items that are not considered "auctionable".  Some sales are attended by
    as many as 400-1000 visitors.  After the sale ends,  We will complete the process by transporting saleable items to be sold at our
    auction gallery.  Typical charge is 35%.
  • Online Store: Sunset auction maintains it's own store with multiple selling categories with items also displayed in it's warehouse.  We
    call these private sales as items are priced and sold directly to buyers before going to auction.  
"Our Auctions provide buyers and sellers a venue to exchange items of value from a single rare
treasure or entire, collections".   Auctions are open to the public and are attended by collectors,
dealers, spectators, and online bidders"
  • WHAT IS A RESERVE?A reserve is the minimum price the consignor is willing to allow the property to sell for. Reserves will be allowed
    on selected items only. The reserve price is set by mutual agreement between the consignor and Sunset Auction. Typically, reserve
    prices shouldn't exceed the low auction estimate of the item.  If a reserved item remains unsold, Sunset Auction will advise you on
    whether to offer your items in future auctions or to arrange for return of your items.

  • WHEN CAN I EXPECT PAYMENT?Approximately 15 days after the sale assuming that purchasers have paid for and taken delivery of
    the property.  Included with your checks will be a statement listing the lot(s) selling price and auction charges

  • HOW MUCH IS THE CHARGE FOR SELLING AT AUCTION? Seller's fees are charged on a sliding scale(shown at the bottom of this
    page on the property receipt). The more expensive an item is, the lower percentage the auction house takes. There could also be
    charges for pick up, and other services such as repairs or appraisals when necessary.  Fees are deducted from sales proceeds, thus no
    out of pocket expense for you.   Commissions can be negotiated for special situations.  Our fee structure includes storage, research,
    shipping, photography, advertising, cataloging and handling of your items.   

  • WHAT MIGHT MY ITEM SELL FOR? Some of the most expensive items in the world are typically sold at auction. Rare and unusual
    items generate top dollar through the auction process of competitive bidding.  More common items have a wide variety of results
    depending on the desirability of the object, and auction attendance. The results for common items are likely to be lower than your
    expectations.  Supply and demand plays a strong role in auction prices. The vast quantities of items available on the internet (ebay,
    craigslist, offerup etc) have increased the supply of most things to a saturation level causing auction prices of common items to be low.  
    We accept  "common"  items offer them for auction, but they will seldom perform well.  Common items are better sold at a tag sale as
    described above under the estate sale description.

  • WHAT ARE SOME ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED FOR AUCTION? Here are some items that won't sell - hide-a-beds, organs, ordinary
    sets of dishes, clear newer glass, most particle board furniture, mattress, entertainment cabinets, common prints, newer housewares,
    upright pianos, newer books and magazines, sofas, newer lamps, post 1930's encyclopedias.......

  • WHAT IS AN AUCTION ESTIMATE? An estimated range of what an item might sell for based on experience and past auction results.
    This not a guarantee and should not be confused with an appraisal.  Most of the time, auction estimates will be adequate for estate
    liquidation purposes.  However some estates require written appraisals depending on the situation.

  • MAY I SEE SOME AUCTION HAMMER PRICES?  Yes click here to view past auction on invaluable online bidding platform

  • WHAT IS AN AUCTION LOT? A lot is an item or group of items being put on the auction block for sale as one unit. A lot may consist of
    one item, a collection, a pair or an entire box or pallet full of items. Lots are assembled by experienced auction staff and are based on the
    expected value of the items.  In other words, Your diamond ring will be one lot and your collection of bottles will be one lot

  • WHAT IS A TAG SALE? An estate sale we run for you at your property. We'll price items, advertise, and run the sale for you. This  
    method generates more money for you because entire household contents are tagged and offered to the public over several days. Some
    sales are attend by as many as 400-1000 visitors. If your real estate is for sale, frequently your buyer comes from this event.

  • HOW DO YOU ADVERTISE?  All sale events are published on, and on our own website.  We also conduct an email
    blast before each event to our email list of over 2000 members.  Despite online efforts, the best advertising for on location estate sales is
    sandwich boards placed in the neighborhood.
Property receipt
DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY before we review your items.  We frequently find much value in personal
property that was headed for donation.  Call us today for a free on site inspection 425-776-6716
Prices Realized
We are currently only able to accept items which are eligible to be offered in one of our antiques &
collectibles auctions.  We are unable to accept items for the weekly general auctions until further notice
A word about furniture.  Spectacular and rare furniture still will perform well at auction.  More common furniture, even
back into the Victorian period is currently performing very poorly at auction.  
Average piece sells on one bid for
This is due primarily to the abundance of selling web sites such as offerup and craiglist and changing
tastes.  Most people simply don't go to auctions to shop for furniture.  Most furniture that sells at auction sells to dealers
or resellers.  The flow chart is a very typical scenario and will  will help explain
FOR $110.00, MAKES $
This block of text contains no "sugar coating".  The bulk of the items that are preseneted to us have little or no
secondary market value at auction.  This includes almost all used household items.  Unless an item is rare or unusual, it
will likely perform poorly at an auction or not sell at all.  You may
click here to see a few of the types of items that can be
expected to perform well at auction.   
Call us today for a free on site inspection to determine the disposition of your items 425-776-6716
"We recommend that you don't sell your
furniture here unless market conditions improve"