Buyer's frequently asked questions
WELCOME TO THE exciting, profitable rewarding entertaining educational WORLD OF LIVE AUCTIONS
                                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS
                                                                                                      "THE FINE PRINT"                       

  1. A buyer's premium of 14% will be added to the "hammer price" of each lot won at auction, 19% for online bidding.  
    Buyer's premiums are taxable.
  2. Successful bidders should make full payment and pick up items by the Tuesday following the auction unless
    shipping arrangements have been made.
  3. All items are sold "as is,where is" ...all sales are final.  Bidder's are responsible for previewing merchandise before
    bidding.  Contact a Sunset Auction associate to inquire about physical condition of merchandise.
  4. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any unreasonable bid and has the option to sell or not to sell on one
    bid.  Auctions are defined as sale by competitive bidding from multiple bidders.  
  5. The Auctioneer reserves the right to re-open the bidding if she/he determines that a bid(by whatever means
    offered) was in place as the "hammer was falling". This is known as a contested bid.
  6. The Auctioneer reserves the right to: consolidate or split lots, without notice, to withdraw lots prior to sale of said       
  7. All descriptions and counts are believed to be correct.  However, Sunset Auction will not be responsible for errors in
    nomenclature or count.  Bidders are responsible for previewing and researching items before bidding.
  8. Sales tax must be paid on all taxable items.  Dealers who purchase for resale must file their resale permit numbers.  
    The buyer's premium is taxable.
  9. We accept cash, checks, wire transfers and all major credit and debit cards.  Large check will be required to clear
    before merchandise is transferred to the winning bidder
  10. Telephone biding is provided as a curtiousy and may or may not be available.  Sunset auction won't be responsible
    for missed phone bids.  Telephone bids are accepted on items expected to exceed $75.00.  Bidder is required to
    leave a covering bid with all telephone bids.
  • Keep informed of upcoming auctions by viewing our website and join the email list
  • Preview and research items of interest. Consider determining your maximum price before the auction day.
  • Arrive early to register for bidding.   You may also bid live on line,  leave absentee bids online or in person, or place
    telephone bids.  You'll be given a bidding number/paddle to use when submitting your bids to the auctioneer
  • And again we say - preview before bidding.  Auction house seldom allow returns
Some pre-auction suggestions
"Auctions give buyers and sellers a chance to exchange  just about any item including rare expense items,
collections or choice of thousands of items.   At auctions, the buyers set the price via competitive bidding"
  • WHAT IS A BUYER'S PREMIUM? The buyer's premium is a percentage charge added to the hammer price of an
    auction lot that is paid by the wining bidder.   The buyer's premium goes directly to the auction house and not to the
    seller.  It is used to cover administrative and other expenses.  The buyer's premium is subject to sales tax.  
    Premiums usually ranges from 10% - 25%.  Sunset auction's fee is 14% and 19% for online bidding.   

  • HOW DOES AN ABSENTEE BID WORK? An absentee bid works as a proxy.  It gives the auction house the
    authority to bid for you in competition with the audience up to but not to exceed the amount of your bid.  You may
    place absentee bid in writing, over the phone or on our website the.  You may also leave absentee bids during the
    auction.  Absentee bids are kept confidential.  In the event of identical absentee bids,  the bid received first takes

  • WHEN WILL MY DESIRED ITEM COME UP FOR BID?  Auctions are numbered with a lot tag and sold in numerical
    order.   Most sales are conducted at a rate of 60-120 lots per hour.

    Antiques & Collectibles auctions: these events are held periodically and feature our finest items including fine
    art, jewelry, antiques, collectibles.  
    Weekly General Auctions: these events are conducted every week and offer general household items as well as
    collectibles, boxed lots, furnishings, and thousands of other items.  These evens offer a huge volume of items
    Online smalls auction:  These events are conducted online on our proprietary bidding platform.  We use the
    events to sell little items that are often overlooked.   The average size of items in this sale is 4" and might include
    jewelry, little old toys, a vase, a pocket knife, sterling jewelry, items from the back of the kitchen junk drawer, the
    jewelry box.

  • WHERE DOES ALL THIS STUFF COME FROM?  Mostly from the liquidation of estates.  You'll also find items from
    collectors, dealers, people downsizing or relocating, pickers,  

  • WHAT IS AN AUCTION LOT? A lot is an item or group of items being put on the auction block for sale as one unit.
    This unit will be assigned a lot number.  A lot may consist of one item, a collection, a pair or an entire box or pallet
    full of items.
Our auctions are attended by collectors, dealers, spectators and the general public.  There are plenty of people
who attend just to watch as well.
 Contrary to some opinions, it's not an intimidating experience.